Monday, July 09, 2007

DbVisualizer 6.0 Released.

Minq Software has released a new version of their excellent DbVisualizer. This is a java based tool for working with databases. It can connect to any database with a java driver and works great on Mac, Windows or Linux. There's a free version and a pay version ($149) that adds a lot more features. I've been a big fan and user for years now.

The new version has several nice improvements including New Create and Alter Table feature that supports defining primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, constraints and more. There's a lot of new features in the table editor too though that is only in the pay version. Even the free version is invaluable just as an easy way to work with a database while developing. I'd much rather be in a tool like this than use web based tools like phpMyAdmin plus this can be used with other databases like Postgres or MS SQL. The latter working from a Mac alone would make me happy; I'd hate to fire up Parallels just to run Enterprise Manager.


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