Friday, July 06, 2007

WebORB for PHP v 2.0 Released.

Midnight Coders have released an update to their excellent Flash Remoting product, WebORB for PHP. I'm using the earlier 1.3 version in production now and am looking forward to working with the new version. 2.0 adds much of the management features from the .NET version and code generation for the client side connection code, including Flex, ARP and Cairngorm output. There is also a switch to the Mozilla Public License from the GPL.

There are quite a few remoting products but I really like the fact that Midnight Coders has a product line encompassing multiple languages. I have used the .NET version and I'm sure the Ruby version has some place in my future. Most PHP people use AMFPHP for remoting since it was there first but its recent issues around leadership changes has made me more comfortable with WebORB, plus I know Mark Pillar and like working with his product. I do still use AMFPHP on my PHP4 projects though.


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