Monday, March 26, 2007

Dallas Typo3 Community

I've been using the Typo3 CMS for a few years now but didn't know of any other local developers using it despite the large international Typo3 community. I'd talked to at least one local agency that was toying with it for future development but ended up backing away from using it. Ad agencies seem to have a harder time seeing the benefits of CMSs. Their sites tend to be smaller and their is a lot of concern about design flexibility. I've seen that Typo3 can handle it but some systems can't so I understand their concerns.

Recently I ended up meeting several Typo3 developers in the WEC community, a group of developers working on a Typo3 package focused on easy setup of websites for churches. It was great to meet some local developers. They have monthly user group meetings and the WEC project is well connected to the larger community. I've definitely decided that I need to get more involved with the community and should start thinking of some of my custom extensions as possible public extensions.

Ron Hall leads the Dallas Typo3 User Group. Check out his blog at


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